Silent Smite Holy Smite - Pages 17 &18.
Have you been naughty or nice?

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Silent Smite Holy Smite - Pages 13 & 14.
What do you buy at the mall with 63.99?

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Silent Smite Holy Smite - Pages 11 & 12
Has anything good ever come from smiting?

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Merry Christmas

Our bad. Here’s the whole “Silent Smite Holy Smite” mini-comic book. Releasing our old, Christmas comic book rant, a couple of pages per day?! I mean, seriously?!

Until 2019 we’re going to eat a ton, drink too much and get a little high. As of 2018, it’s legal to be medically happy here in Canada. But on January 1, 2019, we will get started on new comics. Wait. No, we won’t. We’ll sleep late, think nervously about what to say in new comics and then go back to sleep. Day two, we’ll get up, get seriously crazed as we attempt to write and draw more comics for you to emoji, comment on or ignore.

But wait, there’s more. We plan on releasing a bunch of actual cartoons - on the Instagram tubes, too. Anyway, we muchly thank you for following our funny and not so funny comics this 2018th year of celebrating that Jesus guy’s birthday.

Sooooooooo, this holly-jolly season, be kind to yourself, your relatives and other smelly people. Tis the season to be having a little fun, or be a bit down or be a bit holy. Remember, above all, be a lot you or at least fake being the real you until 2019.

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